Saturday, April 19, 2008


usually my day off goes like this: i spend a while flopping around in my apartment, then i take a shower and put on some weird outfit. at that point my head usually starts to feel floaty and compressed at the same time because the only thing i've probably had to drink is too much coffee and hardly any water. then i try to get myself to clean or make something but a lot of times i just sit in my chair and look around while thinking about things. i just don't know what the hell to do with myself.

so far today i also made a playlist called BFD thats supposed to make me feel excited and active, and i considered producing a graphic novel about my life while i was in the shower even though drawing frustrates me most of the time and not much of note has really happened to me. it could just be a series of funny/sad things. here're some photos from recently:


Pat said...

ooooo, i like that eye shadow schmuxtaposed with those pansies.

caitlin said...

helloooooo, THANK you

Rondell said...

Is that pitcher of Rosaline Lofton from Jackson? Tell that girl next time you see her that she still owes Rondell $5.