Monday, April 21, 2008

monday = friday, once a month

sometimes when i come home from work, i just want to watch tv and have a drink for a little while; does that make me a gross person? i like to think not. i take solace in the fact that once in a while i have weeks like these where i don't have to work very much and i can work on my own art/work. tonight there were four cats skulking around in a gang (or pride) around the mourning dove cote a few yards over. two were sitting on the roof, one was on the ground, and one was patrolling the fence which backs up to the yard with the dog that barks all the time. i didn't see or hear anything after it got dark, so hopefully they didn't kill any birds.

this is the view from the bathroom at one of my jobs:

Saturday, April 19, 2008


usually my day off goes like this: i spend a while flopping around in my apartment, then i take a shower and put on some weird outfit. at that point my head usually starts to feel floaty and compressed at the same time because the only thing i've probably had to drink is too much coffee and hardly any water. then i try to get myself to clean or make something but a lot of times i just sit in my chair and look around while thinking about things. i just don't know what the hell to do with myself.

so far today i also made a playlist called BFD thats supposed to make me feel excited and active, and i considered producing a graphic novel about my life while i was in the shower even though drawing frustrates me most of the time and not much of note has really happened to me. it could just be a series of funny/sad things. here're some photos from recently: